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Chin Teik developed this toolkit in response to his observation of poor project management results in organizations. Managers are not clear with what they are trying to solve because they prescribe the solutions before they diagnose the root causes of the problem. Project managers do not ask enough clarifying questions before they start to implement the solutions. There is not enough time between planning, stakeholder management, change & transition and implementation which results in delays in project timelines.

This toolkit will enable you to:

  • Ask the right 4 questions to enable better planning
  • Obtain buy-in to project concept in less than 50 seconds (20 seconds is exceed expectations)
  • Ascertain confidence in project timeline in 5 minutes via the reverse engineered Gantt chart
  • Obtain stakeholder management support via the 2 Page Project Management tool
  • Select right team members via the 4 questions
  • Create a rhythm of accountability in execution via the visual self-monitoring performance feedback system

Chin Teik designed and developed this tool since 1993.  The first principle behind this toolkit is that ‘simple is harder to do than complicated’. The second principle behind this toolkit is that if you don’t know what you are trying to solve, you do not know your solution is the right one. Chin Teik has used this tool effectively with structured problem solving in leading high performing teams workshop. Chin Teik in his role as total quality manager has worked with hundreds of project teams in manufacturing and sales & marketing environment.  Chin Teik’s current clients are using this 2 Page Project Management tool in their organizations to great impact.