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One of the key roles of any leader is to coach.  Wouldn't it be great if you as a leader are able to coach your key performers to the next level of greatness? John C. Maxwell in his ‘Five Levels of Leadership’ said that the fourth level of leadership is that people follow a leader because of his/her ability to develop people. In his ‘Coaching to Greatness’ workbook, Chin Teik introduces the concept of coaching for results and his coaching model.  Chin Teik’s coaching model includes definition, process and skills.

The outcomes of using this book are as follows:

  • Agree on the coaching definition
  • Agree and abide by the coaching philosophy
  • Able to follow the 5 steps in the coaching process
    • Able to assess the coachee
    • Able to prepare for a win-win performance contract
    • Able to be a situational coach
    • Able to observe, assess and provide appropriate timely feedback
  • Able to use the key coaching skills and behaviors

Chin Teik has taken his in-house coaching and senior executive coaching experience and made it into a practical step-by-step toolkit for you to become an effective coach. The coaching practices are based on timeless principles.  Chin Teik uses the system solutions approach to his coaching and consulting practices.