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Chin Teik is an experienced system solutions coach & consultant in organizational and leadership effectiveness to execute to greatness. Chin Teik facilitates senior executive and/or senior executive teams to a clearer understanding of their leadership behaviors while embedding the right structure, system, process and/or tools to deliver predictable and sustainable business results via engaged employees.

Chin Teik has conducted numerous leadership coaching & consulting assignments to help leaders at all levels, from key leadership to middle managers, to follow the 5 leadership practices and install right process and structure for sustainability and growth.  This was achieved by focusing on accelerating their effectiveness through comprehensive assessment and feedback, action learning and problem-solution coaching.  Chin Teik combines the use of  ‘action learning’, intuition, experience, and organizational understanding to customize solutions to each client’s needs.

Senior Executive & Senior Executive Team Coaching

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Strategic Planning Process Packaging, Automotive Body Parts Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Relocation & Real Estate, Water Utility, Brand Management, Life Style, Steel, Restaurant CEO, Chairman, Equity Partner, General Manager (GM), Managing Director (MD) Clarification achieved for:
  • Core purpose & values
  • Direction, priorities & strategies
Lead and lag indicators developed
First Hundred Days in Office Education, Legal, On-Line Job Portal President, Partner, Equity Partner, COO, Senior Manager
  • Impactful first day in office achieved
  • Personal brand clarified
  • Expectations clarified
  • First hundred days’ action plans in place
  • Successful promotion to equity partnership
Execute to Greatness Automotive Body Parts Manufacturing, Relocation & Real Estate, Pharmaceutical Chairman, MD, GMs
  • 5 leadership practices implemented especially Talent Management System
Coaching for Greatness Electric Utility, Education Senior manager, President, Principal, Teacher
  • Able to coach for results following process, behaviors and capabilities
Facilitate High Performing Teams Education, Automotive Body Parts Manufacturing, Steel Dean, President, Senior Manager, Lecturer, GM, MD, Head of Department (HOD), Supervisor
  • Able to use 2 Page Project Management tool
  • Able to use structured problem solving methodology
  • Able to follow team development process
  • Able to display situational leadership style
Action Learning for Greatness Automotive Body Parts Manufacturing, On-Line Job Portal HOD, GM, MD,  HR, Sales Manager, Training Manager
  • Able to design action learning workshops in-house
  • Able to facilitate action learning workshops in-house
HR leadership Automotive Body Parts Manufacturing, Education, On-Line Job Portal Senior Manager, Director, CEO, Chairman, CFO
  • Able to transition from operations role to HR role
  • Able to implement the 6 strategies of Talent Management system
  • Able to identify and close current gaps in HR team
  • Able to coach on writing job expectations
  • Able to coach on behavior interviewing
Hire to Greatness Automotive Body Parts Manufacturing, On-Line Job Portal Chairman, MD, COO, CFO, Senior Manager
  • Able to write job expectations
  • Able to develop behavior interview questions
  • Able to ask behavior interview questions
Continuous Improvement Process Oil & Gas, Packaging GM, Executives
  • 3 cost savings projects bought off by GM with behavior change in project management
  • 19 participants came up with HK 40 million savings in Packaging
Talent Management System Education, Body-Parts Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical CEO, President, Executive, MD, Chairman, HR, GM
  • 6 Strategies implemented