Lead Yourself To Greatness

Lead Yourself To Greatness

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With ‘Lead Yourself To Greatness’, you will be able to apply Chin Teik’s 5 leadership practices to deal with the 3 Circles of Life. You will explore and discover who you are and your purpose in life. You will be able to complete your personal mission statement (aka core purpose statement), your career vision and job target statements.

The 5 personal leadership practices are:

  1. Begin with a Measurable End-in-Mind; complete your personal mission statement, career vision statement and job target; develop good habits and character
  2. Use 20/80 Rule for Focused Impact; know your strengths and weaknesses; have a development plan
  3. Create a Rhythm of Accountability; use self monitoring performance feedback and weekly work previews
  4. Become a Desired Talent; learn life skills
  5. Communicate & Defend Your Brand; identify and develop your brand elements

All these 5 leadership practices come from Chin Teik’s personal and professional experience and reflect his on-going learning to provide simple, direct and practical tools to enable you to lead yourself to greatness.  These leadership practices are based on timeless principles.  Chin Teik was a trained facilitator and is a practitioner of ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. Chin Teik also works & coaches youth on the 5 personal leadership practices.