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Hire right is one of the most important strategies of the 6 talent management strategies. Hire right means finding a job seeker who fits the organization’s values & culture, has passion in the role and has the potential to grow with the organization.  In this workbook, ‘Hiring To Greatness’, Chin Teik will introduce you to behavior interview, identify the requirements for a specific role via the job expectations format and translating your expectations into behavior interview questions.  In the action learning workshop, Chin Teik will coach on the process of ‘peeling the onion’ in terms of behavior interview.

  • Learn the difference between behavior interview and traditional interview
  • Learn how to use the job expectations format to be clear on what a hiring manager wants
  • Learn how to translate job expectations into behavior interview questions
  • Develop or re-affirm the interview process and importance of hiring managers’ behaviors during the process
    • Reinforce ‘Employer of Choice’ brand
  • Learn how to ‘peel the onion’ during the interview process
  • Learn how to observe job seekers’ behaviors and make hiring decisions

Chin Teik has professionally applied behavior interview techniques during his 28 years as a hiring manager in a global multi-national company.  During Chin Teik’s tenure as regional human resource leader he was involved in all the final interviews of senior leadership roles focusing at culture fit for the organization.  In his current role as senior executive coach, Chin Teik is involved with final interviews of senior leaders for his client organizations.