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First Hundred Days to Greatness

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This workbook is written for leaders who have been promoted and hired from the market to enable them to have an impactful ‘First Hundred Days to Greatness’.  Often newly promoted leaders are not taken through their transition nor adequately trained into their new roles. External leaders come in unprepared for the unwritten culture or nuances of stakeholder management.  More often than not, new leaders are not given clear expectations on the outcomes of their roles. Chin Teik takes you through 5 practical steps to prepare and have an impactful first hundred days in office. The workbook reminds you of the change that has occurred to you and teaches you to manage your personal transition.

  • Apply the 5 practical steps to First Hundred Days to Greatness
    • Jumpstart to Leapfrog
    • Develop your Leadership Style and Defend your Brand
    • Have an Impactful First Day in Office – there is no honeymoon
    • Develop a First Hundred Days Roadmap
    • Avoid Pitfalls and Mistakes

This workbook comes from Chin Teik’s experience as a global leader when he promoted employees from within and hired from the market. Chin Teik uses system solutions approach in his leadership and coaching practices. Chin Teik has translated his better practices into this workbook that he coaches his current clients.