Coaching for Results

Overview | Coaching for Results

Chin Teik personally designs, develops and delivers his coaching and action learning workshops. Chin Teik has authored 7 workbooks to be used in conjunction with the total coaching and consulting experience.

  • Enabling organizations to experience and adopt a robust strategic planning process including
    • Facilitation and development of an organization’s core purpose including values & culture.
      • Coaching senior leaders on how to facilitate ‘living with organization values’
      • Coaching, documenting and communicating organization’s culture
  • Facilitation and development of 3 to 5 years organization vision with measurable priorities and strategies
    • Designing lead and lag indicators for effective rhythm of accountability at individual level
  • Enabling senior leaders to set up an impactful communication process on organization’s direction and plans
    • Translating annual plans into relevance for each individual employee for rational & emotional commitment
  • Translating vision into organization design and structure of the future (3 to 5 years) to enable manpower plan design
    • Driving hiring for fit strategies
    • Driving impactful development strategies
  • Enabling and coaching organizations to implement a robust and impactful talent management system to:
    • Hire right
    • Pay right
    • Integrate right, including framework, process, schedule and behaviors
    • Close loop feedback
    • Train right
    • Develop right, including a feeder program
  • Coaching and enabling the 5 leadership practices to execute to greatness
  • Coaching and enabling internal transferred staff to become effective HR leaders
  • Coaching ‘First Hundred Days to Greatness’ for internal promoted and external hired senior leaders
  • Enabling content experts in organizations to design, develop and deliver their own Action Learning Workshops (Action Learning to Greatness)
  • Coaching on how to set up and lead high performing teams
    • Use of DISC (Chin Teik is certified DISC instructor) with Tuckman Team Development model
    • 2 Page Project Management tool
    • Structured Problem Solving tool