System Solutions Coaching & Consulting
Leadership & Organizational Effectiveness
Execute to Greatness

Chin Teik Consulting uses system solutions coaching and consulting with senior executives and their executive teams to improve their organization’s performance.  A vision can only be as good as the execution and thus we equip the senior leadership teams with the 5 leadership practices to execute to greatness.

  • Begin with Measurable End-in-Mind
  • Use 20/80 Rule for Focused Impact
  • Create a Rhythm of Accountability
  • Invest in Talent Management System
  • Communicate to align & focus

The 5 leadership practices will enable organizations to achieve the following:

  • Business results achieved every time & all the time
  • Employee engagement designed into the talent management system and processes
  • Organization is aligned around core purpose, values, vision and priorities
  • Organization resource and capabilities are designed for scale-ability and sustainability

Our clients cut across a wide range of industries including advertising, automotive body parts manufacturing, banking, brand management, education, elevator, electric utility, finance services, legal services, lifestyle, oil and gas, on-line job portal, precision engineering, pharmaceutical, precision engineering, restaurant, semiconductor, steel and water utility.

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